The Gary McDuff case and its court case filings demonstrate a manifest need for legislation to curb and hold responsible abusive prosecutions and rogue prosecutors...READ MORE...

You will find the Habeas Petition filings here to include:

A.  Introduction

B.  The Source Brief

C. Appendix 1

D. Appendix 2

E.  Government Response

F.  Reply to Gov't Response


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the gary mcduff innocence project

The Pursuit of Justice and Freedom for Gary McDuff

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The DOJ suppressed 7,000 pages of exculpatory evidence demonstrating McDuff's innocence.  McDuff learned of this illegal act when...READ MORE...

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The financial and emotional strain on Gary and his family over the past few years is debilitating​​​...READ MORE...

A. Business

B. Family and Friends

C. Accolades

D.. Proof of Truth

E.  Destruction of Evidence

F. Factual Statements

G. S.E.C. Administrative Case Dismissal

H.  DOJ Forges Signature