the gary mcduff innocence project

The Pursuit of Justice and Freedom for Gary McDuff

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doj corruption against Senator Ted Stevens

doj corruption against gary mcduff

Ever wondered what it would be liked to be accused by your government of something you did not do and placed in prison for the remainder of your productive life for it?  Naturally, to convict you they would need to change the truth to fit their theory and distort witness statements to reflect what the witnesses did not mean.  In short they would cheat to win at trial.  You went to trial because you were innocent.  Now the law says you stand convicted by a jury so their findings must be correct.  True, if the jury had heard the truth!  Not true, if the government fed them lies you could not disprove because the government never disclosed to you the evidence it had that vindicated you.  All it had to do was hide that evidence so you had no chance of winning.  It happens nationwide according to outspoken chief judges in the 5th and 9th circuit federal courts of appeal. It could happen to you.....READ MORE