the gary mcduff innocence project

The Pursuit of Justice and Freedom for Gary McDuff

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doj corruption against gary mcduff

It happened to Gary L. McDuff a son, a father, and businessman.    All of it legal, and papered with legal opinions.  The history of his legal battle is long and deserves an essay.  For our purpose here, we will share the most tragic parts.  He has achieved getting one decision against him reversed.  We want him out and we trust you do too.  

As many know, the McDuff's are mostly known for the many preachers in the family.  Gary McDuff's father, Rev John McDuff , (recently deceased) had said since 2006, that what has happened, is because Rev. John McDuff was told a lie by other preachers who did not know it was a lie.  However, unbeknownst to them and many others it was a false investment scheme created by a clever conman, named Bradley Stark.  

Gary McDuff went to trial in an attempt to clear his name.  Gary wasn't present when the conman, embezzled the money, so he was ill equipped to defend himself.   He had no proof of what he did not know.  But guess who had that proof?  The government investigators had it.  Government agents and lawyers had proof of his innocence and they hid it from him.  It was discovered by court order (ALJ) after his trial and he is now using it to get back into court to present the defense the government denied him.  

The tactics the government has used through its employees to try to prevent him from exposing their unfair ways are simply unbelievable.  It has "lost" his legal paperwork in the prison mail room numerous times. For many months at a time it has prevented him from getting family and legal visits, making personal phone calls, making legal calls, and sending emails out for help.  It stopped Gary from getting help from other legally trained inmates, and most recently one of them poured two 30 gallon trash bags of water on 12,000 pages of defense materials that has taken  over 3 years to assemble.  It was all completely destroyed.  Some of it can't be replaced because the men who provided it have passed away. 

Judge Elliott ordered that McDuff family members be allowed to review the 16 boxes of "discovery materials" that the SEC used to build their case against Gary McDuff.  For two full days, the McDuff family and a former federal agent, (Mr. Coffman),  joined the McDuff family in Fort Worth, TX to go through all 16 boxes of files. After Mr. Coffman had examined every file in all 16 boxes he looked to Janie Frank, the prosecutor, and said - "We have gone through every box and all we see is that Megafund did bad. Lancorp did bad. We are here for McDuff, and we did not find anything suggesting McDuff did bad. Can you show me which box has anything showing McDuff did bad?" The prosecutors response was this - "That is our work product". In translation that means - "We don't have anything showing McDuff did bad. We just made up a good story."   


Thank you for your interest,

The McDuff family & friends