the gary mcduff innocence project

The Pursuit of Justice and Freedom for Gary McDuff

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We are the family and friends of Gary McDuff and we hope that you will prayfuly consider donating to the legal defense fund of Gary McDuff.  100% of all contributions will be used toward the defense and freedom of Gary McDuff and to pay attorney costs for his appeals.  Understand money can be tight, understand money can be tight.  Please rest assured that any help will be greatly appreciated.

​There are ongoing costs to maintain this website.  To update the "Truth & Justice Blog," and communicate with Gary.  There are telephone and e-mail costs of 5 to 26 cents per minute, charged by the BOP.  The cost for printing and photocopying anything at the prison is 15 cents per page.  The help from supporters will also be used toward these necessities to fund his fight from behind prison walls.

The financial and emotional strain on Gary and his family over the past few years is debilitating; the destruction of the family, and ability to provide for his two young boys is crushing.  He has been trying relentlessly to win his freedom as a Pro Se defendant, as neither he nor his family have the funds needed to hire a top notch attorney.  This is where the generosity of people like you can help Gary be with his family again.  

​Please click the GoFundMe link below to read more about Gary and to make a donation.